The score multipliers in PopCap's Solitaire Blitz have names, you know

Solitaire Blitz on Facebook
Before we come off sounding too smug, we had no idea either. EA-owned PopCap recently launched its own take on social card games, Solitaire Blitz, on Facebook. It's been doing quite fine for itself, according to AppData, garnering 240,000 daily players in the past week alone. As if to commemorate its crazy fast growth curve, the developer let players in on a secret.

Those cutesy characters that pop up when you earn score multipliers in the one-minute, Klondike-style solitaire game have names. For all we know, someone at PopCap could have made them up on the spot today, but it's still neat-o. Think of it as a way of getting to know PopCap's newest game that much better. Here's how you should address each score multiplier:
  • Pearl the Mermaid: your mentor and tour guide while you make your way through this aquatic world
  • Otis the Worm: you'll catch him hanging around after you finish your game. He'll help you hook your treasure. Otis is also Pearl's pet and she treats him like a stuffed teddy bear
  • Larry the Electric Eel: he gives you +1 Energy whenever he decides to show up
  • Jerry, Terri, Barry and Hank: the chorus of Seagulls. They're your audience, your cheerleaders and like to encourage you to keep playing
  • Hercules the Clownfish: the x2 multiplier
  • Jacques the Starfish: your reliable friend
  • Ivar the Turtle: the x6 multiplier
  • Noodles the Octopus: the x5 multiplier
  • Gene the Seahorse: the x4 multiplier
  • Sally the Jellyfish: the x3 multiplier
  • Sophie the Catfish: the x9 multiplier
  • Cuddles the Pufferfish: the x7 multiplier
  • Eduardo the Shark: the x8 multiplier
Just so you know, those names are listed according to the image above, left to right. Our personal favorites? Hercules the Clownfish, Cuddles the Pufferfish and Noodles the Octopus. What can we say? We're suckers for irony.

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