Scramble With Friends Free discombobulates Android gamers

Scramble With Friends Android
Scramble With Friends Android

Android users: Prepare to have your vocabularies sent into disarray. Zynga announced that its second hit mobile social word game, Scramble With Friends, is now on Android devices through the Android Mark--er, Google Play. A mobile, social take on the classic word game Boggle, Scramble With Friends takes that play hook and gives it a shot in the arm with power-ups.

Players have just a short amount of time to string as many words together as possible from a series of jumbled letters in three rounds against their friends (or strangers) to go for the high score. Zynga With Friends' three power-ups do well to mix up the play, too: Players can freeze the game board for a moment, reorient the letters to look for new combinations or have the game inspire them with a free word.

When giving a preview of Scramble With Friends, GM Ya-Bing Chu called the game a fine companion to Zynga's most popular mobile game by far, Words With Friends. And now, Android users have the same luxury of brushing up on their word-finding skills, which should do well to boost the game's 1.7 million daily players, according to AppData. We're told that about 26 billion words have been found in Scramble With Friends to date--expect that number to go way, way up starting ... now.

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