Kung Fu Rabbit finds a masterful balance with this lighthearted platforming romp

kung fu rabbit ios
kung fu rabbit ios


Solid controls. Excellent, devious level design doled out in a nice bite sizes. Gorgeous visuals that run smoothly. iCade and AirPlay support.

Cons: Power-ups feel like an extraneous addition. Controls can sometimes lead to frustration. Sound effects are a tad too familiar.

It seems martial artists come in all shapes and sizes these days. Bulkypix's new Kung Fu Rabbit takes platforming into the realm of Asian mysticism, and though the adventure might start out in grasshopper mode, the forces of evil soon call upon a true gaming master.

Through a smattering of simple storyboard art, Kung Fu Rabbit tells a tale of a temple overrun by "Universal Evil." You'll need to navigate bite-sized gauntlets, dispatching inky foes that have kidnapped your students. In true wuxia fashion, Kung Fu Rabbit will hop, backstab, and shimmy, as well as pick up a few delicious carrots along the way.

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