Jennifer Lopez's Stunt Double Is A Man

In black, skin-tight leggings, a zip-up jacket, and braided brown hair, Jennifer Lopez and her stunt double are tricky to distinguish. Unless, that is, you look closely. For one thing, the 42-year-old actress/singer/mogul's doppelganger has an Adam's apple. Because he's a guy.

Lopez and her stunt double have been shooting the singer's new music video for "Follow the Leader" for the last few days in Acapulco, Mexico, under the direction of the mother-of-two's reported 24-year-old lover, Casper Smart. Perhaps Lopez's lookalike isn't a stunt double at all, but a comment on gender stereotypes in popular culture.

Or maybe the guy is an obsessive fan whom Lopez invited on the set for the day. Or maybe female stunt doubles are just hard to come by these days.

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