FarmVille Luck of the Irish Goals: Everything you need to know

To help celebrate St. Patrick's Day in FarmVille, a new series of nine goals has been released in the game called "Luck of the Irish." You'll receive some animals, farm boosts and more for completing them, but you only have the next two weeks to do so. Remember to work on these goals each time you login to your farms in order to have the best chance of completing them all in time!

Pinch Me, I'm Irish

  • Get 4 Clovers

  • Harvest 50 Soybeans

  • Harvest 2 Livestock Pens

For this "Get 4 Clovers" task, along with all other "Get X Item" tasks in this goal series, you'll need to ask your friends to send them to you. For completing this first goal, you'll receive 125 XP, a Leprechaun Pig and 2,500 coins.


  • Get 6 Sham-Rocks

  • Harvest 90 Peppermint

  • Harvest the Leprechaun Pig

Rewards: 150 XP, Turbo, 3,000 coins

Patties Party!

  • Get 8 Green Hats

  • Harvest 100 Spinach

  • Store 10 Items on your Home Farm

Rewards: 175 XP, 2 Unwithers, 3,500 coins

Put on a Show!

  • Get 8 Magician's Gloves

  • Harvest 125 Eggplant

  • Harvest 2 Zoos

Rewards: 200 XP, 1 Half a Calf, 4,000 coins

Makin' Magic!

  • Get 8 Magic Wands

  • Harvest 150 Red Tulips

  • Master the Leprechaun Pig

Rewards: 225 XP, Levitating Chicken, 4,500 coins


  • Get 8 Crystal Balls

  • Harvest 155 Grapes

  • Harvest Levitating Chicken Twice

Rewards: 250 XP, Turbo Charger, 5,000 Coconuts


  • Get 10 Top Hats

  • Harvest 140 Peanuts

  • Harvest 2 Horse Paddocks

Rewards: 275 XP, Magician Gnome, 5,500 coins


  • Get 11 Handcuffs

  • Harvest 160 Bell Peppers

  • Master the Levitating Chicken

Rewards: 300 XP, Disappearing Sheep, 6,000 coins


  • Get 12 Straight Jackets

  • Harvest 200 Pink Roses

  • Harvest 2 Cow Pastures

Rewards: 325 XP, Crystal Ball Tree, 6,500 coins

As you can see, these goals turn from standard St. Patrick's Day in theme to being more about magic and illusions, but if you're a fan of limited edition or otherwise exclusive items for your farms, you'll want to make sure to finish them either way. Remember to keep asking your friends for help and use your many farms wisely to plant all of these crops, as you can even work a bit ahead of the game to finish them even faster! Good luck!

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