CityVille: Add the luck of the Irish to your town with St. Patrick's Day items

A new series of six decorations and buildings have been added to the CityVille marketplace in a St. Patrick's Day theme. While six buildings may not be enough, these are some of the most important buildings we've seen released in the game for some time. Why? You'll need to build them and collect from them if you want to finish the Rainbow in your town, along with its goal. Here's a rundown of the six items.

Shamrock Chateau (Home)

  • Costs: 25 City Cash

  • Population: 1,150 - 1,930

  • Rent: 300 coins every 18 hours

Blarney Stone House (Home)

  • Costs: 35,000 coins

  • Population: 180 - 340

  • Rent: 373 coins every 2.1 days

McGroarty Mansion (Home)

  • Costs: 40 City Cash

  • Population: 1,500 - 2,400

  • Rent: 275 coins every eight hours

Patty's Place (Home)

  • Costs: 60,000 coins

  • Population: 260 - 500

  • Rent: 310 coins every day

Leprechaun (Decoration)

  • Costs: 15,000 coins

  • Payout Bonus: 1% to surrounding homes and businesses; extra 1% to St. Patrick's Day items

Emerald Apartments (Home)

  • Costs: 55 City Cash

  • Population: 2,500 - 4,500

  • Rent: 304 coins every four hours

Again, you'll need to build three Irish Buildings to finish the Rainbow Connection goal in your city. You must build new St. Patrick's Day buildings for this to count, so having items from last year's event does nothing. Also, the more you have in your city, the more Shamrocks you'll be able to collect for your Rainbow, as they drop at random when tending these new buildings. Just make sure to purchase the ones you're interested in now, rather than later, as they'll only be available for a limited time!

What do you think of these St. Patrick's Day items in CityVille? Will you splurge City Cash on any of them? Sound off in the comments.