CityVille Brazilian Waterfall: Everything you need to know

In keeping with the recent theme of forcing you to expand your city to receive new items, Zynga has released a new goal in CityVille that introduces the Brazilian Waterfall to your game. This Brazilian Waterfall is similar to many other items that have launched in the last few months, as you'll need to expand your land out to the item in order to actually receive it in your inventory (it can then be placed wherever you'd like within your city proper).

In this case, the Brazilian Waterfall comes with a goal called "Keep Your Feet Wet." This one has three tasks to complete:

  • Expand to the Brazilian Waterfall
  • Master one Brazilian Crop to Level 3
  • Collect 15 Rain Coats

Rain Coats are earned at random by collecting from businesses, or you can ask your friends to send them to you to speed up the process. The Brazilian Waterfall, meanwhile, can be located in different squares, depending on how far you've already expanded your city normally, but the process for expanding remains the same: add citizens to your town and collect Zoning Permits. Finally, the Brazilian Crops are any kind of Corn, Rice or Coffee. If you've already mastered one to Level 3, you'll automatically finish this step without any additional work.

Your reward for finishing this goal is a single Zoning Permit, but of course you'll also receive the Brazilian Waterfall as your main gift. Again, this item will go into your inventory and you can either store it there permanently or remove it and use it as a decoration in your city (it comes with a 55% payout bonus stat). What you end up doing with your new land expansion will also be up to you. This particular goal doesn't have a time limit on it just yet, but your safest bet would be to finish it sooner, rather than later, just in case Zynga makes it limited edition sometime in the future without warning. Good luck!

What do you think of the Brazilian Waterfall and its goal in CityVille? Will you expand out to it immediately, or will you ignore it for now? Sound off in the comments.
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