Blackwood & Bell Mysteries Dining Room: Our guide to finding every item


Back in the Ghost Ship's Bridge scene in Blackwood & Bell Mysteries, we heard some muffled screaming coming from somewhere else in the ship. After heading further into the ship, your next place to explore is the Dining Room. This Dining Room looks entirely different the first time you play (and until you get the clue that progresses the story), as the lights are off and you'll be looking for items using a flashlight. After you've finished this portion of the case, however, anytime you come back to the scene, it will be back to normal, allowing you a much easier time of finding your items.

If you're looking to find a particular item: Hit Ctrl +F (or Command + F if on a Mac) and type in the name of the object you're looking for. This will take you directly to its image.

Set 1:

  • Perfume

  • Chest

  • Grandfather Clock

  • Golf Club

  • Sword

  • Horse

Set 2:

  • Painting

  • Pitcher

  • Boa

  • Suit of Armor

  • Mirror

  • Dagger

Set 3:

  • Corsage

  • Feather

  • Trident

  • Carnival Mask

  • Envelope

  • Cameo

Set 4:

  • Croissant

  • Flask

  • Rat

  • Clarinet

Set 5:

  • Conch

  • Glove

  • Coin

  • Playing Card

  • Telescope

  • Hourglass

Set 6:

  • Skull

  • Cigar

  • Eagle

  • Pipe

  • Sun

  • Ice Pick

Set 7:

  • Astrolabe

  • Doll

  • Metronome

  • Pendant

  • Umbrella

Set 8:

  • Old Camera

  • Bass

  • Scroll

  • Purse

  • Anchor

Set 9:

  • Spectacles

  • King Tut

  • Tiara

There are still some items within the scene that aren't pictured above, as the scene generates each set of 12 items randomly. We'll make sure to update this space with more items as we find them, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of this Dining Room scene? Did you like having to search for items with a flashlight the first few times? Sound off in the comments.