Rovio's Mighty Eagle shows off Angry Birds Space in action [Video]

Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Space

If Rovio's collaborations with NASA, MTV, The Daily and Samsung didn't spell it out, Angry Birds Space is the Finnish game maker's biggest game launch ever. And company CMO (or Mighty Eagle) Peter Vesterbacka wants to make that fact crystal clear. The Rovio executive gave TechCrunch a live demo of the game in action, and revealed a few more factoids about its massive product launch.

First and foremost, Rovio doesn't even see this as a game launch--the company sees Angry Birds Space almost as an entertainment brand in an of itself. And the developer looks to demonstrate that with separate animation projects, the legion of toys and even Angry Birds Space band-aids--all of which will be available at Walmart. (Seriously.) Check out the video below to get even more hyped up for the game's launch in exactly one week.

On a scale of one to 11, how excited are you for Angry Birds Space? Do you see Angry Birds creating the type of lasting momentum that say, Mickey Mouse did? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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