Adventure World End of the Rainbow Expedition: Everything you need to know

It's time for St. Patrick's Day in Adventure World, with a series of new Expeditions now being available to celebrate. You'll find yourself investigating magical hedge mazes in your search for the end of the Rainbow in an Expedition of the same name: End of the Rainbow. There are three quests to complete in this first Expedition, and you'll have six days to finish them all. Let's get started on our guide!

End of the Rainbow

  • Ask friends for 10 Charm Bracelets

  • Collect 10 Lucky Charms

  • Use 10 Green Faerie Crystals

  • Collect the Leprechaun's Treasure

The Charm Bracelets are earned through a general news post placed on your wall. Meanwhile, the Lucky Charms are earned from Faerie Gold, which is found scattered around certain areas of this multi-area map. That is, while you're investigating the hedge maze, you'll be able to go into a pit at what looks to be the end of a rainbow. This takes you underground to a map filled with clover patches and snakes, as examples. The Green Faerie Crystals can be found next to walls or other obstacles that you'll need to remove, but you'll need Charm Bracelets in order to interact with them.

Catch the Leprechaun

  • Cath the Leprechaun

  • Collect 10 Four-Leaf Clovers

The Four Leaf Clovers are found inside Clover Patches, each of which has eight "hit points" that you'll need to remove. The Leprechaun, meanwhile, is towards the end of the large underground map here.

Drive Out the Snakes

  • Ask friends for 5 Celtic Knot Flags

  • Plant 5 Flags to Terrify Snakes

  • Defeat 40 Snakes

You'll earn the Celtic Knot Flags through individual requests sent to friends. The Flags need to be placed on large flag poles that are scattered around the map. You'll find plenty of Snakes scattered throughout this map as well, with them having 10 points of energy each. This entire Expedition is a massive undertaking in terms of the energy required to complete it, so you'll likely need to use all six of your allotted days to finish it off. Good luck!

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