Survey: The Sims Social could go to heaven, hell, Europe and more

The Sims Social SurveyWith a new theme almost every week in The Sims Social, we can understand how developer Playfish could be sick of deciding on new themes. That explains why the studio has provided its players with yet another survey. The other part? Well, we're sure Playfish simply enjoys democratizing the game a bit. Besides, don't question why you're being given a choice.

This time around, however, it's clear that Playfish looks to take themes in The Sims Social in a more polarizing direction, with potential themes like "Heaven and Hell" and "Modern London Fashion." Come to think of it, fashion played a huge role in the themes that the developer came up with this time around: "Prom", "Great Gatsby," "Flower Power" and more are testament to that.

However, what Playfish seems to want to play up more than ever is WooHoo. You know, Simlish sex? Almost every single theme presented in the survey has a way of incorporating WooHoo into the corresponding week's quest. Save for "Gourmet", "Back to School" and "Modern London Fashion," every theme calls for a little bit of extra fun for the Sims. Can you blame them?

Once players complete the survey, they can score a free 500 Simoleons. Not too shabby for answering a few simple questions, if you ask us. And who knows, maybe The Sims Social will soon take a "Euro Trip."

Are you excited for what's to come in The Sim Social? What do you think the game needs to win back those lost players? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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