Dream Heights: Make it a party with friends living and working in your tower


A new social-centric update has launched in Zynga's Dream Heights on iPhone and iPad, allowing you to interact with your friends even if they've stopped playing the game. Once you've updated the app on your own device(s), you can start to move your friends into your tower's apartments, and then hire them in various jobs after the fact.

To do this, you'll need to of course have a space in one of your apartments for a friend to live, and can then tap on the space, just as you would if you were going to manually move someone in with cash. You'll see a list of your available friends (not only Facebook friends, but also those friends that you've manually added as a Dream Heights neighbor) and can choose one from the list to move in for free.

After moving in your friend, you'll see that they're given all of the stats you'd expect from a virtual citizen in your tower, right down to the "Specialty" job that they'd like to have. They all have their own stats in terms of which job types they'll perform well (or not so well in) as well, just in case you don't have that "Specialty" business available in your tower just yet.

In addition to this new social update, some premium businesses have also been released in the game, giving you a chance to pay real money to further flesh out your tower. Will these new social features be enough to force Dream Heights up the free app charts? Stay tuned!

Will you start moving your friends into your tower in Dream Heights, or will you stick to the completely imaginary residents instead? Sound off in the comments!