Draw Something could debut on TV screens, as in a game show? [Rumor]

Draw Something Centaur
Draw Something Centaur

Draw Something has made a big stink in mobile social gaming recently. We're talking "10.2 million daily players in two weeks" big. So big, in fact, that TechCrunch has learned that New York-based developer OMGPOP looks to create a TV show based on the breakout hit mobile game. TechCrunch's nameless sources make no mention of a game show, but really, what else could it be?

If OMGPOP opts to create a TV show based on the game, it would only confirm that casual game makers are in it to milk their hit brands for all they're worth. And really, who could blame them? Just look at Rovio and Angry Birds: The Finnish developer looks to make a full-blown feature film based on the wingless buggers. Even Gaia Online looks to make a Monster Galaxy flick.

While OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter refused to comment on the rumor, he did reveal some interesting statistics about Draw Something to TechCrunch, like how Android now makes for a third of all downloads, thanks to performance boosts. That and the fact that Draw Something makes a killing in advertising these days, to the tune of 1 billion impressions daily. If this game is going anywhere, it's up and outward.

[Image Credit: Hongkiat/Sue Mi]

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