You could say Backyard Monsters turning two is adorable, but... [Video]

Backyard Monsters Moloch
Backyard Monsters Moloch

You know, those critters aren't exactly what we'd call cute (see right). But hey, it's a birthday nonetheless, and developer Kixeye created a retrospective video to commemorate Backyard Monsters' two years of life on Facebook. Kixeye co-founder and creator of the popular social strategy game David Scott answers several questions about the game's two-year journey to where it is today.

Of course, the video is is jam-packed with back patting and a general sense of "look at how awesome we are," but what did you expect? Besides, Scott answers some interesting questions and reveals even more intriguing little hints as to where the game is headed, like how an improved Yard Planner is in the works, which has been a long-requested change. Kixeye also plans to continue to balance Backyard Monsters' various beasties based on player feedback.

Kixeye has also shared some more novel factoids about Backyard Monsters, like how it's been installed over 20 million times. (Given that it's currently home to 2.5 million monthly players on Facebook, we're not sure what to make of this figure.) That amount of installs has resulted in over 175 million collective hours of play time, and over 3 billion monsters created. Oh, and over 20 billion gallons of monster blood have been spilled. Don't ask us how in the world Kixeye measured that one.

Are you still digging on Backyard Monsters after a whole two years? Where do you hope Kixeye takes the game in the next two? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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