The Tribez for iPad explores the cooler side of time travel soon [Video]

The Tribez
The Tribez

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you're a time traveler. In a journey to the past, you've stumbled upon a tribe of indigenous folk that worship you as your god, since you appeared before them in a puff of smoke and whatnot. Now, open your eyes: Russia's Game Insight and developer Divo Games hope to make that dream a (semi) reality with The Tribez for iPad.

Due out some time this month, The Tribez is a city builder in which you're a time traveler who's become the leader of prehistoric peeps. You'll help the tribe build up their village through a series of quests and skill-based, timed challenges. Players will have to find hidden items throughout the game's various levels, and help their people survive encounters with dinosaurs.

Based on the trailer below, the game doesn't look as if it's a far cry from, say, Smurfs Village in terms of play hooks. However, Divo Games looks to separate itself with an original brand and a game that packs far more detailed animations than most city builders. The village people (too easy) of The Tribez think that you're the one to bring peace to the tribes, and Game Insight hopes you'll live up to the challenge. Said challenge will be free to tackle, of course.

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