News Anchor Caught Resting His Head On Live TV

A BBC news anchor was caught with his head down during a breakfast broadcast last Friday. Simon McCoy, who has been covering the morning slot at the news network for eight years, claimed it was "a long desk head-banging" in response to a colleague's bad joke. When the cameras jumped to him, he leapt up. But it was too late. The moment was caught on live TV, and forever memorialized on YouTube.

"If my bosses believed I was asleep at the desk I would not be back on Monday," he tweeted. But that didn't stop his co-workers from leaving him a few gifts on his desk Monday morning: a cup of coffee, six packets of Nescafe, and a packet of ProPlus caffeine pills. "Got a pillow with me this morning," tweeted the BBC News presenter Martine Croxall, in case her colleague needed to "rest his head" again.