Playing Mass Effect 3? Download the free Datapad app already

Mass Effect 3 Datapad
Mass Effect 3 Datapad

It's kind of a stupid question, isn't it? If you're not knee-deep in Reaper parts as of this writing, then you're probably whining about the game's ending on your forum of choice. Mass Effect 3 arrived this month, and now its free companion app for iPhone and iPad is available on the App Store. No, not that supposedly mediocre iOS game that goes for $6.99--a free app.

The Mass Effect 3 Datapad app allows players to stay connected with their Mass Effect world while mobile. Players can access messages from in-game characters after they've interacted with them in Mass Effect 3 proper. Of course, real news from developer Bioware will be pushed to the Datapad app over time (most likely about game patches and downloadable content).

And if you want to look like the ultimate Mass Effect fan when you get into yet another heated debate over just what the hell the genophage is, this app packs the codex entries from all three games. Better yet, playing the in-app mini game--which amounts to strategically deploying ships against the threat--will better your chances of survival in the console/PC game. Oh, and it'll bring your dead squad mates back to life ... we swear.

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