Hidden Chronicles Target Hints: Everything you need to know

Since the launch of Hidden Chronicles on Facebook, we've been promised additional kinds of hints on top of the basic Magnifying Glass that points out one item at random from your current list of required hidden objects. While the Magnifying Glass will still likely be your primary hint, a secondary hint system has finally launched in the game in the form of Target hints.

You'll be given some Target hints for free to try them out. Their basic function is to allow you to pick an exact item on your list to find, rather than letting the game pick one of your six at random. To be specific, when you wish to find one particular item, you'll be able to tap on the Target icon and then see your mouse pointer change to a cross-hair. As you hover over each item, it will highlight, showing you that you're choosing that particular item to find.

In the picture above, for example, you can see that I am asking the game to pick out the Telescope in a particular scene. Sure enough, clicking on the item makes the game highlight the object in the scene just as the normal hint system does. It's then up to you to actually click on it, so you'll need to pay attention to where the highlight goes within the scene!

Once you run out of your free Target hints, you'll be able to purchase additional hints in the store for Estate Cash. There are bundles of 5 and 10, along with individual Target Hints available starting at 6 Estate Cash each.

This leaves us with half of the hints that we've been promised overall, with two more hints coming in the future. Information about what these hints are, their exact functions and when they'll release is all unknown as of this writing, but we'll make sure to let you know all about them just as soon as we learn more.

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Are you going to purchase and use these Target Hints in your Hidden Chronicles scenes? Sound off in the comments!
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