FarmVille Ideal Vacation House: Everything you need to know

Back during the Winter Holiday season, FarmVIlle players were given a chance to tell their friends if they thought they had been naughty or nice during the year via the Holiday Hearth. Now that Hawaiian Paradise has launched and Spring is on its way, we've seen a similar feature launch on our newest farm called the Ideal Vacation Home.

This Ideal Vacation Home comes with seven stages, with the first one starting to roll out to players this evening. Once you place the large frame of the Ideal Vacation Home on your farm, you'll be able to ask your friends if they think you're a "Night Owl" or "Early Bird." Depending on their choice (you can ask them to pick a particular one), you'll receive a different prize when you've received four votes in one category or the other. For this first vote, the prizes are a Sparkling Palm Tree for Night Owl and a Majestic Redwood Tree for Early Bird.

In two days (from this writing), Stage 2 of the event will launch, giving you a chance to ask your friends for more votes in a different question. You'll be able to sway the vote one way or another of course, but you should also be able to purchase the other item with Farm Cash if you want everything in this entire event, rather than just one item from each set.

Apparently, the final product in this Ideal Vacation feature will be a home that will vary amongst players, depending on the sides that are chosen by their friends along the way. This gives your friends a lot of power for affecting your game, but remember to ask your friends for help if you've already decided how you want things to end up.

What do you think of this Ideal Vacation feature in FarmVille? Which of the two vacation homes would you prefer? Sound off in the comments.