CityVille European Scene: Everything you need to know

If you're into decorating your CityVille land with lots of trees, flowers and sidewalks in order to give certain neighborhoods a more realistic feel, Zynga is here to help you out, at least where some recently released European items are concerned. A new European Scene item is now available to purchase in the game's store, offering semi-permanent decorations in a customizable "building."

The European scene comes in two options: a pre-built option that costs 250 City Cash (but offers 4,650 population to your city) and the European Residence Scene, which costs just 2,000 coins. This is a massive item, containing 34 individual decorations and space for four buildings. You'll have five options for buildings to place within the European Scene as of this writing, with residences and community buildings making up your choices.

When you placed the European Scene into your town, you'll see four construction sites, on which you can build themed structures of your choosing, depending on price or stats. For instance, you can build one home worth 100,000 coins on one plot and another home worth only 7,000 coins on another. You'll build them as you would any other building, by simply spending energy on its frame, and will then see your new building next to the scene's themed decorations when it's done. If you decide that you don't like one or more of the buildings you've constructed, you can remove them and build additional units in their place.

Ultimately, this European Scene feature offers a very lovely themed area to your town, but it's massive size likely won't work for many players, where land space is already a huge issue. Still, with the potential for additional (and perhaps even better) themed scenes being available for future releases, I'm interested in seeing how this feature really turns out.

[Via and Image Credit: Zynga]

Will you build a European Scene in your city, or do you think the decorations aren't worth the space the entire structure or area takes up? Sound off in the comments.