Will Zynga take a crack at more traditional games on Facebook?

Zynga job recruiting
Zynga job recruiting

The FarmVille maker just might try to turn a new leaf. It's a known fact that traditional game types usually don't translate well to Facebook. Just look at any of the shooters available: None have found success comparable to their dedicated console or PC counterparts. Alas, a recent Zynga job posting is a head scratcher: It calls for a lead designer with traditional games experience.

"Experience in traditional games (console/PC) a plus," a requirement on the job posting reads. Considering Empires & Allies is the closest thing to a traditional game the giant developer has ever created (and that's a stretch), one has to wonder why Zynga would make the distinction. Generally speaking, social games are almost nothing like console and PC games.

The only proven genre on Facebook that's close to what traditional gamers enjoy is strategy. Not only is that more than accounted for by developers like Kixeye and Kabam, Zynga already has the most popular strategy game on Facebook ... technically. However, Zynga just lost a lead designer from the CityVille team. Perhaps Zynga looks to inject some more core-style game mechanics into CityVille to complete with the rumored SimCity for Facebook.

Speculation aside, we're as in the dark as you are as to why Zynga looks for a designer with traditional games experience. Even if it turns out that Zynga doesn't look to make Facebook's proverbial Call of Duty, it's clear that the developer looks to bring in more talent from that space. Who knows, maybe Zynga wants to take another swing at that Diablo-style game.

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