Pioneer Trail Baby Naming: Everything you need to know

The time has come for Fanny and Hank to name their baby in Pioneer Trail, and they want your help in picking out the perfect name! There are a series of new repeatable goals available to users at least level 14 in the game, and you'll receive access to planting two new crops along the way. There are two starting goals that are one-time only that deal with you building a Baby Wagon to access the rest of the goals.

The Baby Name Debate

  • Place the Baby Wagon

  • Collect 40 Ripe Oranges

  • Complete 2 Baby Name Missions

The Ripe Oranges are earned at random when harvesting from Orange Trees. For completing this goal, you'll receive 1,000 XP, 3 Blue Ribbons and 3 Pink Ribbons.

The Baby Name Resolution

  • Complete all upgrades of the Baby Wagon

  • Craft 3 Trays of Cupcakes

  • Purchase the Rideable Bicycle from the Baby Names Interface

Rewards: 10,000 XP, Mystery Animal Crate

Repeatable Missions

How About Hannah?

  • Tend 45 Adult Geese

  • Harvest 25 Baby Carrots

  • Craft 2 Heart Puzzles

The Baby Carrots are available on the game's free gifts page. Meanwhile, you'll need to collect Red Wood Dye and Puzzle Pieces to craft Heart Puzzles. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 400 XP, two Pink Ribbons and an All You Can Eat Meal. It should be noted that along the way (through these repeatable goals), you'll be given a chance to vote on which name you'd like for a boy or a girl baby, with this apparently having some lasting influence on the feature has a whole.

Express Ideas of Beauty

  • Harvest 50 Apricot Trees

  • Collect 35 Sunflower Barrettes

  • Craft 4 Hand-Sewn Embroideries

The Hand-Sewn Embroideries require 6 Decorative Threads and five Foundation Fabrics to craft. You can earn those by asking your friends to send them to you. Your rewards for this goal are a Dinner, 4 Pink Ribbons and a Hummingbird.

Education is a Foundation

  • Harvest 125 Peas

  • Sell 30 Adult Cows

  • Craft 5 School Dresses

Rewards: 7 Course Feast, 8 Pink Ribbons, Stuffed Bear

How Does Frank Sound?

  • Harvest 45 Cabbage

  • Harvest 35 Green Apple Trees

  • Collect 15 Baby Name Books

Rewards: 400 XP, 2 Blue Ribbons, All You Can Eat Meal

Courage Knows No Bounds

  • Clobber 12 Snakes

  • Collect 35 Speckled Eggs

  • Craft 3 Stuffed Lions

Speckled Eggs come from tending Adult Sussex Chickens. Your rewards for finishing this goal are a Dinner, four Blue Ribbons and two Queasy Chickens

Superstitious Hank

  • Harvest 95 Peanuts

  • Sell 35 Adult Pigs

  • Craft 6 Squash Soup

Rewards: 7-Course Feast, 8 Blue Ribbons, 2 Quick Draw Quaffs

Along the way, these Blue and Pink ribbons can be used to purchase new themed items like a Doll House for a girl or a Horse on Wheels for a boy. You can also purchase a new Duck and even unlock Baby Corn for your Homestead by using these ribbons. Since the goals are repeatable, you can finish whichever one you'd like multiple times in order to earn enough Ribbons to purchase the particular items you'd like. Good luck finishing everything off on your Homestead!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Baby Naming feature in Pioneer Trail? Will you focus on the male-centric or female-centric goals first/more? Sound off in the comments.