FarmVille Scratch & Win Cards: Everything you need to know

has really become a fan of gambling in FarmVille recently, with the release of the Sweepstakes and now the Scratch & Win card feature. This feature hasn't rolled out to everyone just yet, but once it does, you'll receive one card for free. According to images posted on FVNation, this looks to be another feature with a special "weekly" set of prizes, with this first week's prizes being animals.

Users on the game's official forums have reported winning Silver Foxes, Gold Dragons and more. In addition, you have a chance to win Mystery Game Darts, up to 10,000 Farm Cash, 1,200 Turbo Chargers, 100 Unwithers, 10 Instant Grow, Books of XP and more. Of course, you're not guaranteed to win anything, and tickets (after your first free one) cost 5 Farm Cash each.

To play, you can simply click on a "Scratch All" button to see all nine of a card's squares scratched, revealing the potential prizes underneath. If three of the nine are identical, you'll win the prize they represent, whether that be Farm Cash, additional cards or another prize. Again, it looks like new specific items will be given away each week (to replace the animals available this week), giving us reason to keep checking back, but the lack of a guarantee that you'll walk away with anything does lessen the appeal.

[Image Credit: FVNation]

What do you think? Will you spend 5 Farm Cash per scratch card in the Scratch & Win game, or will you simply play only when Zynga hands out free cards? Sound off in the comments.