FarmVille Mystery Game (03/11/12): Hawaiian Paradise animals invade the barnyard

Along with the new Hawaiian Paradise items that were released in the FarmVille marketplace this evening, the Mystery Game has also been updated with a set of Hawaiian themed animals. These animals are all ready for a great luau, and you'll have your chance at one of them for free via a free Mystery Dart that is now rolling out to players. After that's gone, you'll need to spend 20 Farm Cash per dart in order to earn more.

FarmVilleFreak has confirmed the six prizes for this week's game, which will give horse lovers plenty to go after.

Aloha Rabbit
Hula Dancer Hippo
Mini Horse
Spa Duck

If you manage to win one of each of these six animals, you'll receive a special seventh prize for free: the Hawaiian Hawk. Remember, this is an easier prize to win on paper than in actual practice, as you'll likely end up with duplicates of the animals listed above, making this a much more costly endeavor than it may outwardly appear. Still, these are some exclusive animals that can currently be earned in no other ways, so I can definitely see the draw in going after them all. Just remember to play this game fast, as these items will disappear from the game in just one week's time.

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Did you receive a free Mystery Dart this evening? Which animal did you win when you threw it at the board? Sound off in the comments.