Doctor Who: Worlds in Time lands in our world ... wide web today for free

Dr. Who: Worlds in Time
Dr. Who: Worlds in Time

Doctor Who fans can officially jump around time in the Tardis from the comfort of their computer chairs. BBC Worldwide and Three Rings announced that their free-to-play (F2P) browser game, Doctor Who: Worlds in Time, launches today. The game has been in a public beta test since it was first revealed last December, but now it's 100 percent ready for play.

Based on our hands-off preview of the game last year, Worlds in Time looks more social game than F2P massively multiplayer online game, as it's billed. (The game is Flash-based, the same technology used in the majority of games on Facebook.) That said, the differences between the two blur more daily, and Worlds in Time packs Facebook Connect out of the box, so to speak.

"I have been a fan of Doctor Who since I was a child, so developing this game with BBC Worldwide is a dream come true," Three Rings CEO Daniel James said in a release. "Like the Doctor, we have our own mission, to provide Doctor Who fans an experience matched only by the wondrous TV series, and casual gamers a warm opportunity to discover the marvelous world for themselves."

Worlds in Time takes a more casual approach to the series, littering the branded game with puzzles and other challenges for players to tackle together in real time. While the game takes on a style akin to a cartoon, that's not at all testament to the game's depth. Besides, a Doctor. Who cartoon done right would be pretty awesome.

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