CrowdStar digs iPhone, iPad and Android because 'there's no Zynga'

Moden Girl iPhone iPad
Moden Girl iPhone iPad

Aha! So, that's why CrowdStar has released a whopping three iterations of its "Girl" games for mobile devices. (The "Girl" franchise has essentially become the Angry Birds of female-focused games.) Well, maybe that and the fact that the ladies seem to pay up rather often.

In talking with, CrowdStar founder Suren Markosian revealed its reasons for hopping on iPhone, iPad and Android in such a way. "Females are an engaging audience. They're not mean and demanding like boys," Markosian admitted to "It's interesting for us because I think women haven't previously been part of the gaming mass market. They enjoy the products we release and we're happy with the monetization."

That said, the mobile games scene has largely been male-dominant ... until now. While it seems as if CrowdStar has blown the women demographic wide open on mobile, Markosian said that he doesn't want to sacrifice quality for quantity. (Based on our very own Brandy Shaul's impressions of Modern Girl, she may beg to differ.) Finally, Markosian got to the crux of why CrowdStar is bullish on mobile.

"We're platform agnostic," Markosian told "We still have five games live on Facebook and it's still a big part of our business, but on mobile there's no Zynga, and no one has the same deal with Apple as Zynga and Facebook have." Well, there's always Rovio, right?

Are you a fan of CrowdStar's iPhone and Android games? Will a "Zynga" eventually rise on mobile, and will it end up being Zynga? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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