CityVille UK Embassy: Collect stamps for themed UK prizes

Your Embassy Row is probably looking fairly full in CityVille, now that the UK Embassy has joined the mix. This fourth Embassy works in the same manor as all others, complete with its own unique Passport Stamp that you can collect with the help of friends. By doing so, you'll be able to unlock one of six prizes within the Embassy itself, or you can simply purchase those same prizes outright with City Cash if you'd rather not mess with this feature.

The six items are:

  • 33 Passport Stamps - Bulldog Bust (Decoration)

  • 75 Passport Stamps - Nigel's Guitars (Business)

  • 105 Passport Stamps - Silsbury Castle (Residence)

  • 135 Passport Stamps - British Public Works (Community Building)

  • 150 Passport Stamps - Kensington Hall (Community Building)

  • 150 Passport Stamps - Maynard Mansion (Residence)

Again, you can either purchase these items outright with City Cash, or you can even purchase Stamps with City Cash if you'd prefer to do that instead. We know that there is at least one more Embassy set to be released in the game, and if recent updates are anything to go by, it will likely be a Dubai Embassy. Will future Embassies come after that? We'll make sure to let you know if they do!

What do you think of the UK Embassy or the prizes being offered inside? Sound off in the comments.