Bubble Witch Saga creator makes mobile play in Fabrication Games buy

Bubble Witch Saga
Bubble Witch Saga

The fourth largest Facebook games maker will finally embark on the mobile frontier this year. TechCrunch reports that King.com has acquired Swedish iOS game developer Fabrication Games. The developer's 12 employees, its games and development tools are all officially King.com property, but the deal's financial terms were not disclosed.

According to TechCrunch, Fabrication Games has yet to create a chart-topping game on iPhone, iPad or Android. That said, it looks as if King.com bought the developer in hopes of catching up to the likes of Zynga, Funzio, CrowdStar and OMGPop in the mobile world. (All of those social game makers have found success in the mobile world this past year.)

In fact, King.com has told us as much that it intends to bring its top Facebook game, Bubble Witch Saga, to iOS and Android devices. We're willing to bet that the 12 Fabrication-turned-King.com folks will prove crucial in bringing such games to iPhones and Android phones.

Once purely a standalone casual gaming website, King.com put serious effort behind becoming a top ten player in the social games world in the past year. Whether the developer can make the same shift again with similar success will be interesting to see, because mobile is another beast entirely. One thing is certain: If done right, Bubble Witch Saga for iPhone would be pretty darn cool.

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