Pioneer Trail Prospect Falls Goals: Everything you need to know

This week marked the launch of Prospect Falls for all players in Pioneer Trail, giving us a chance to take a look at this new expansion's goals and give you and idea of what to expect in this new mining community. As this is kind of like starting over with a second homestead, you'll see plenty of basic goals, along with those that are a bit more complicated to complete. There's no current time limit for how long we'll have to play in Prospect Falls, so we could very well see an additional set of goals or features released sometime in the future. We'll make sure to let you know if that ends up being the case. In the meantime, let's get started on our look of what is available!

Bent Tent Blues

  • Harvest 3 Tangerine Trees

  • Chop Redwood Trees 3 Times

  • Repair Jasper's Tent

You should receive the ingredients necessary to repair Jasper's Tent by simply completing the other two tasks. You'll need Redwood Logs and Grub to get it done. Once you finish this first goal, you'll receive 40 Gold (a new kind of currency in Prospect Falls), 15 Redwood Logs and 10 Population.

Mine, All Mine

  • Collect a Bonus from the Rocker Box

  • Chip Big Chipping Rocks 5 Times

  • Build a Mineshaft

Not all rocks are created equal in Prospect Falls, so you'll need to hover your mouse over particular stones to see if they're the "Big Chipping Rocks." Once you've finished this goal, you'll receive 10 Grub, 3 Rough Sand and 12 Well Buckets as your rewards. Keep in mind that from now on, you can collect Gold as a daily bonus from your Mine.

Buying from Bert

  • Plant 3 Artichoke

  • Tend 3 Golden Chickens

  • Build a Well

A Well can be purchased in the store with Gold Nuggets. For finishing this goal, you'll earn 10 Grub, 3 Rough Sand and 12 Well Buckets. From here, you'll be introduced to the rest of the main characters in Prospect Falls, through a series of goals that are available to complete concurrently (that is, you'll have three goal series available to complete at once, one for each main character).

Sheriff Shows Up

  • Tend 3 Copper Cows

  • Build the Sheriff's Office

  • Place the Bank

Rewards: 15 Gold and 4 Population

Clobberin' Time

  • Tend 4 Silver Sheep

  • Clobber 2 Outlaws

  • Have a Sluice Built

Rewards: 15 Gold, 6 Population

Homes Away from Home

  • Collect 5 Pure Water (from the well)

  • Place 3 Stately Homes

  • Build 2 Meager Homes

Rewards: 20 Gold, 9 Population

Bank Building

  • Clobber 3 Outlaws

  • Build 3 Sluices

  • Finish the Bank

Rewards: 20 Gold, 12 Population

Stately Settlers

  • Tend 15 Adult Copper Cows

  • Tend 15 Adult Golden Chickens

  • Finish Building 3 Stately Homes

Rewards: 25 Gold, 15 Population

Silvery Dreams

  • Collect 2 Pure Water

  • Build the Silver Saloon

  • Place the Bed & Breakfast

Rewards: 15 Gold, 4 Population

Cabin It Up

  • Clear 10 Wildflowers

  • Harvest 10 Artichoke

  • Upgrade Jasper's Cabin

Rewards: 15 Gold, 6 Population

A Dream Fulfilled

  • Harvest 12 Tangerine Trees

  • Harvest 5 Boysenberry Crops

  • Collect 1 Bed & Breakfast Daily Bonus

Rewards: 20 Gold, 9 Population, 5 Boysenberry Crops

Shroomy Breakfast

  • Have 150 Population

  • Collect 20 Grub

  • Harvest 2 Cafe Truffle Crops (drop when mining)

Rewards: 20 Gold, 12 Population, 3 Caveshroom Crops

New Trade Route

  • Clear 5 Stickerbushes

  • Collect 5 Redwood Logs

  • Place the Post Office

Rewards: 15 Gold, 4 Population

A Rocky Start

  • Harvest 7 Boysenberry Crops

  • Collect 10 Rough Sand

  • Have a Rocky Mine

Rewards: 15 Gold, 6 Population, 1 Pickaxe

Again, there are likely to be more goals released in Prospect Falls as time goes on, but this will allow you to get started building your very own mining town. When and if more goals are released, we'll make sure to let you know.

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What do you think of these Prospect Falls goals? Is this new expansion a lot of fun, or will you stick on your original Homestead for the time being? Sound off in the comments.