Modern Girl continues Crowdstar's "Girl" series on iOS

Back in December, Crowdstar released Social Girl on iPhone and iPad, and now just a few months later, another installment in the female-centric "Girl" franchise has launched: Modern Girl. This newest installment offers very little in the way of updates from its predecessors (including Top Girl, another game available for mobile platforms).

The game, which is only available in the Canadian iTunes store as of this writing, throws you into the big city and asks you to make a name for yourself by hanging out at the best parties, dating the city's most eligible bachelors and wearing the best clothes. You'll complete quests along the way, and will need to pick out the perfect outfit for each occasion in order to really stand out from the in-game crowd.

As for dating, you'll tap on your choice of a selection of mostly identical male characters and can then use some of your in-game currency to buy them a drink. Of course, your choice of guy mostly depends on the perks he can offer you in exchange - the types of clothing or accessories, cash or premium currency he can offer you, as examples. The shallowness of your choices shouldn't really be surprising as the entire game is about making yourself a more appealing person aesthetically or to become more popular, not to actually make yourself a better person.

You can do various odd jobs to earn extra cash in Modern Girl, spending energy in the process, or you can spend your time on the dance floor, flirting with guys until your cash runs low. You'll unlock additional areas as you play the game, and can fill out your closet with the latest and greatest items in the fashion world along the way.

If you loved the other installments in Crowdstar's Girl franchise, you'll likely love Modern Girl as the basic gameplay hasn't been altered that much. However, if you want more depth in your mobile gameplay experiences, don't say we didn't warn you.

Have you tried out any of Crowdstar's "Girl" titles? Did you like the simplistic gameplay presented in them? Have you tried Modern Girl for yourself? What do you think of this newest entry in the franchise? Sound off in the comments.

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