FarmVille meets Plants vs Zombies and the results are awesome

While FarmVille and Plants vs Zombies are individually two of the most popular games in their respective spaces, what would happen if the two were to suddenly cross paths? Well, the results are all kinds of awesome. Reddit user t-rev created a mashup of the two games within their FarmVille farm, and added some artwork from PopCap's popular strategy title to make things complete.

As you can see above, most of the FarmVille content was just careful placement of plowed (but empty) farm plots, along with sunflowers at the back. If you're not familiar with Plants vs Zombies, Sunflowers are used to earn Sun, which allows you to purchase your military units to fight off the zombie horde.

Could you recreate this within your own farm? Well, not exactly, as the actual plant weapons and zombie enemies were added after the fact, but this is one farm that's just so downright cool that we had to share it.

[Image Credit: t-rev]

Have you ever tried to create a fully FarmVille version of Plants vs Zombies? Perhaps with hay bale art? What do you think of t-rev's awesome farm mashup? Sound off in the comments!