CityVille: Zynga responds for downtime with refunds and Zoning Permits

While Zynga's games aren't without their fair share of bugs and inconsistencies, sometimes these bugs are a bit more... annoying than others. Such is the case with a recent issue in CityVille, that not only make the game impossible to access for some players, but also caused a rollback in progress for others.

Essentially, users were completing goals, making purchases and simply playing the game only to see this in-game progress vanish after the bug and its issues were resolved. While the game is back up and running again, Zynga says that unfortunately "some recent player actions cannot be restored." To compensate for this, Zynga is offering all players 10 free Zoning Permits, but you'll need to claim them manually. The link to claim your free Zoning Permits is universal, and you can claim yours right here.

But what if you purchased items with City Cash during this period? Apparently, that will be refunded accordingly, so while you may have lost progress on goals that can't be automatically reverted (leaving you to complete them all over again), at least you should still have all of the City Cash that you started with.

While these truly game-breaking bugs are more of a rare occurrence in CityVille than in other games (Pioneer Trail, for instance), it does leave us to wonder just how much players are willing to accept before moving on. Hopefully, Zynga can correct all of CityVille's issues before this becomes any worse.

Have you ever stopped playing a Facebook game due to bugs or glitches that you experienced? Did you receive your City Cash refund as promised yet? Sound off in the comments.