Pioneer Trail: Prospect Falls is now open for all!

Whether you've taken the time to build your Stagecoach or are just trying to finish some of the many timed goals that have been released in Pioneer Trail over the past month, you can now access Prospect Falls, the game's newest expansion, either way. To travel to Prospect Falls, simply click on the travel button in the bottom left corner of the Pioneer Trail gameplay menu and then click on the mining town's logo from there.

When you arrive, you'll be reunited with your in-game brother Jasper who has gotten himself in over his head in his mad dash for gold in the wild frontier. Being that you've already tackled the wide open prairie once before, he wants your help in establishing Prospect Falls as another town for prosperity and riches next to the newly found gold mines.

There are goals to complete as soon as you arrive, asking you to harvest the existing Tangerine Trees or chop down some Redwood Trees, and you'll even have to repair Jasper's Tent (it turns out, he really has no idea what he's doing). Jasper's Tent requires three each of Redwood Logs and Grubs to finish, with both of these items being available by simply chopping down trees or harvesting fruit trees. Since you just did both of those tasks, you'll be able to finish his tent instantly, getting you started on really building a bustling new town in the woods.

As you play in Prospect Falls, you'll receive gold nuggets for completing goals (among other tasks), and will be able to use those nuggets to purchase various buildings within Prospect Falls itself. You'll gain population for your town by placing new buildings, creating a sort of cycle for your gameplay in this new area. We've already given you a complete overview of what to expect from Prospect Falls when you first begin, and we'll make sure to update this space as we learn more about the new frontier that is now available to explore in Pioneer Trail!

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