Playdom shutters My Vineyard, crush your final grape March 31

My Vineyard closes
My Vineyard closes

As if coming down off the high of inspiration that is Game Developers Conference, Playdom has decided to focus its resources on creating new games at the expense of My Vineyard. The Disney-owned social game maker has announced that My Vineyard will be no more come March 31.

As of this writing, the My Vineyard is home to just 110,000 monthly and a mere 10,000 daily players, according to AppData. Unfortunate as this is, a move like this isn't at all surprising given the numbers. When players log into the game, they'll be greeted by a message that requires them to acknowledge that they've read it before revisiting their vineyard, perhaps for the last time.

What will be the ultimate bummer for players, however, is the fact that they're in-game purchases (with real money, mind you) will be for naught come March 31. And all Playdom offers for compensation is to point them toward its newest game, Blackwood and Bell Mysteries.

It's a true shame to see My Vineyard go, especially considering that it's what pushed Playdom to acquire its original developer, Metaplace, according to former producer Tami Baribeau. Unfortunately for Playdom (and its fans), this is just the most recent in a string of game closures, including role-playing game Deep Realms and Social City. Hey, don't be too blue, folks: At least Playdom's hidden-object business and Marvel branding bonanza are going places.

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