Game of the Day: Gardenscapes

gardenscapes game of the day
In Today's Game of the Day you'll restore a once-stunning garden to its former glory. Gardenscapes is a colorful blend of hidden object and time management. Your grandfather has left you a beautiful mansion but unfortunately, the garden is in need of repair and you are completely broke. You'll hold estate sales and search the mansion for the item customers want to buy. But you better find those items quickly before the customers get upset!

I love everything about Gardenscapes. The garden designing part of the game is just as awesome as the hidden object part. With hidden object games, sometimes I feel like there's no real reason to be searching for items. In Gardenscapes, you know exactly why you're looking for hidden object games and each item is valuable. You can see the direct effects of your searching efforts just by looking at the beauty of your garden. So if you're looking for a fun and satisfying game, check out Gardenscapes below.

Click here to play Gardenscapes!
gardenscapes game of the daygardenscapes game of the day
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