Diner Dash on Facebook rises from the grave, claims 40,000 players

Diner Dash revival
Diner Dash revival

Remember way back to last summer when Flo sadly served her last dish on Facebook? Of course you do--you still have the rag that you cried into when you heard the news--don't lie. According to Inside Social Games and AppData, the ill-fated game has scored a second shot at life, apparently. This past week, Diner Dash has garnered 40,000 monthly and 10,000 daily players.

Hold your horses, because technically the game is still long gone. Diner Dash does still appear in searches on Facebook, but clicking on the app simply produces the following error message: "Sorry, the application you were using is misconfigured. Please try again later." If the game was shut down, then it shouldn't exist on Facebook whatsoever, we'd imagine.

Oddly (and hilariously) enough, the title of the broken page reads, "Poopscoop on Facebook." We're not exactly sure what that means, but regardless it seems as if the game still exists on Facebook in some form or fashion. Perhaps PlayFirst is in the middle of preparing the game for a revival, and testing it internally ahead of release. Of course, that there was a mixture of wild speculation and wishful thinking, so to clear things up we've reached out to PlayFirst for comment.

Are you excited by the possibility that PlayFirst could be preparing for a comeback? What do you think the game needed to succeed in the first place? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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