Angry Birds Space on Samsung Galaxy Note hawks 30 free levels

Angry Birds Space Samsung Galaxy Note
Angry Birds Space Samsung Galaxy Note

Looking for the best place to experience Angry Birds Space when it lands on March 22? All signs point to the Samsung Galaxy Note, oddly enough. Rovio has revealed that the Galaxy Note version of its imminent spacefaring fowl-flinger will pack 30 levels for the fine cost of "free", according to Phandroid. Better yet, Galaxy Note-owners will get one exclusive level.

Rovio and Samsung showed as much this week during the South by Southwest (SxSW) event in Austin, Texas this week. More specifically, players that pick up the ambitious game through a Galaxy Note will score the Danger Zone content pack for free. The 30 levels packed in that update will be available to Angry Birds fans sans a Note as an in-game purchase.

Even better (or worse for those without a Note), the Danger Zone content pack also unlocks access to the Lazer Bird, which has special powers and shows off the Note's "beautiful display," according to Phandroid. (Note the name.) Check out what Angry Birds Space looks like on a Galaxy Note below:

[Via Pocket Gamer]

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