Adventure World: Travel to the Bermuda Triangle with your Biplane

From the beginning of our time with Adventure World, we've had a broken biplane on our Base Camps with little more than a "Coming Soon" message to go on. Now, we can finally put that Biplane to good use, traveling to a variety of islands within the Bermuda Triangle in a new feature that sees you rescuing a member of the museum's society named Marcus Brody. Marcus has found himself marooned in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle and can contact you through messages in bottles.

There are six different missions to complete in this Bermuda Triangle feature thus far, with different missions requiring you to have a more highly upgraded plane. "The Crescent Island" is the first and only mission available at the beginning of this feature, and you'll eventually be able to upgrade your plane to Level 2 and 3 to unlock the rest of them.

The upgrade process for the plane requires you to collect building materials with the help of friends. For Level 2, you'll need to collect the following:

  • 10 Propellers

  • 10 Plane Wax

  • 10 Aviator Goggles

  • 10 Bags of Peanuts

  • 10 Parachutes

  • 10 Oxygen Masks

All of these items can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, or by playing through the Crescent Island map to earn them through another free method. You can also purchase them outright with Adventure Cash, if you'd rather not put in the time necessary to earn these items the old fashioned ways.

The Level 3 upgrade process works in a similar way, giving you plenty of items to work on over the next few days and weeks in your Base Camp. Keep up the hard work and you'll eventually be able to add a new ally to your crew in Marcus Brody and will receive all sorts of rewards along the way. Good luck!

Are you excited that the Adventure World Biplane finally has a real use? Will you start upgrading it immediately, or will this go onto your proverbial "back burner" for a while. Sound off in the comments!