Konami, Playdemic and Rebellion join Zynga as platform partners

When we were first given a preview of Zynga's Project Z (and the new Zynga.com experience), we learned of Zynga's move to become a game publisher, on top of being a game developer. With the Zynga Platform Partners system, companies like Row Sham Bow and Mobscience have already joined on to gain access to the 240 million monthly active players across Zynga's current catalog of games, using features that Zynga provides to improve social engagement and growth.

As the platform starts to take off, we've seen three more companies sign on to be official Platform Partners with the Big Z: Konami Digital Entertainment, Playdemic and Rebellion. Playdemic is arguably most known for the Gourmet Ranch Facebook game, while Rebellion will use the Zynga platform to release its first ever social game in the coming months.

"We're very excited to be working with a company of Zynga's caliber," said Jason Kingsley, CEO and creative director of Rebellion, via a company press release. "Our goal is to bring Rebellion games to a broader audience while learning from Zynga's mastery of the social gaming space. Through the Zynga Platform, we'll release our first-ever social game. We can't wait to show players what we've been working on."

And that seems to be the consensus among these developers. While releasing games independently may work in the short term, Zynga's platform will allow for long-term growth via maximum exposure to a vast group of individuals that are already proven to be gamers, and dedicated ones at that. With big names like Konami now latching onto the Zynga platform program, it will be incredibly interesting to see how far it can go from here.

Are you excited by the news that these three companies will soon be releasing games in association with Zynga's Platform Partners program? What other developers do you think could benefit from such a program? Sound off in the comments.

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