Zuma's Revenge on iOS might be the best version of Zuma yet

And that's saying a lot. While EA has also announced that World Series of Poker will be heading to the mobile space, PopCap's Zuma's Revenge has already been released on iOS in two paid versions: the iPhone game costs $1.99 and is native only to the iPhone, while Zuma's Revenge HD is a universal iPad app, costing $4.99, but also allowing you to play in full native resolution on the iPhone.

Both games contain the same content, which includes dozens of levels across multiple worlds and a fun tropical story that will have you defeating a series of bosses in the series' classic ball-busting gameplay. This touch-based version of the game allows you to either hold your finger down on the frog and rotate it to make shots the old-fashioned way, or you can simply tap on the ever-moving ball chain to send the next colored ball flying. Of course, the goal is to create matches of at least three of the same color of balls, and by doing so, you'll eventually fill the Zuma meter which stops the chain from getting any longer. You'll earn bonus points for any extra track you have clear before the end zone, and will also earn extra points for finishing levels quickly.

While the gameplay is standard for the series, the simple touch mechanics make this one heck of a fun experience. You can tap anywhere on the chain to see the frog automatically rotate and shoot out its next ball in a flash, with little to no delay whatsoever. Furthermore, you're still able to swap between two balls on the fly by simply tapping on the frog to swap them out.

Outside of the game's Adventure (story) mode, you can complete a series of Challenges that present you with one level and a target score and time. These levels are sorted based on difficulty, with some offering the dual-chain layout that sees you destroying two moving chains at once, instead of just one. Finally, you can access Tiki Temple, an in-depth menu of your stats, showing off your high scores and giving you a (sometimes scary) look at just how much Zuma you've been playing when you promised to only play "one more level."


All in all, Zuma's Revenge on iOS contains all of the polish and fun you'd expect from a PopCap title, and in my somewhat humble opinion is definitely worth the price of admission. Whether or not the game will eventually include a version of the Facebook game Zuma Blitz! remains to be seen, but even if that doesn't happen, you've got plenty of content here to suck away any productivity you might have otherwise had for weeks to come.

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Have you tried Zuma's Revenge on iPhone or iPad? What do you think of this mobile version of the classic marble-breaking game? Sound off in the comments.

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