Trouble Makers, Playfish's next iOS game, is up to no good in Canada

Trouble Makers iPhone iPad
Trouble Makers iPhone iPad

Of course, "Canadians" can play the game, too. EA and Playfish's Montreal studio are poised to release their next big iPhone and iPad game, Trouble Makers. Live testing now in the Canadian App Store, Trouble Makers isn't based on any existing Playfish property, which has largely been the studio's approach to mobile games until now. This is 100 percent original.

Little is known about the game so far, what with only Canadian App Store account holders able to play it. What we do know from the game's download page is that players can collect 50 unique monsters in a slick-looking, isometric simulation game and essentially herd them in their very own laboratory filled with various "maniacal machines."

The game is free to play, and based on the screen shots featured on the Trouble Makers App Store page, players' time in the game is governed by an energy system. (Though, we're 97 percent sure energy and other in-game goods will be up for sale.) The goal of the game appears to be to decorate your very own mad scientist's lab, complete with genetically-engineered monsters and loads of nefarious gadgets and gizmos.

In short, it certainly sounds like CityVille or other simulation games, but with a mischievous twist: It seems that players can pull pranks on their friends when they visit their labs. Of course, this is all speculation, but one thing is certain: With everything announced earlier for iPhone and iPad, EA is on mobile like a fly on--you can finish that yourself.

Click here to download Trouble Makers for iPhone, iPad Now (if you're "Canadian") >

[Via Raf Keusterman (Twitter)]

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