Playfish: The Sims Social's WooHoo is 'the strongest Wall post we have'

The Sims Social WooHoo
The Sims Social WooHoo

Well, we guess we know what's on the minds of The Sims Social's 20 million monthly players. It's one thing for players of the number one Playfish game to virtually do the deed 680,000 times a day collectively. But it's another entirely for "WooHoo", or Simlish sex, to be the Facebook game's strongest News Feed post.

Playfish Creative Director Ray Mazza revealed as much during a talk at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. According to Inside Social Games (ISG), Mazza said that WooHoo has become "the strongest Wall post we have. We want to see drama between players, we want to see amazing creations, and we want to hear what's really on players' minds when they're making these posts."

This means that not only are The Sims Social players into virtually doing it, they want to tell the world. On top of that, this also means that other players want to know the details of who's digitally dirty dancing with whom. The Sims Social seems to have created a legion of socially sexual deviants.

Sexy stories aside, Mazza did have a point in revealing this little factoid. With Facebook's Games Ticker potentially on the chopping block, games on Facebook will no longer be a "competition for eyeballs," Mazza said, ISG reports. Instead, social games will focus on sharing posts that are genuinely interesting.

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