The Sims Social 'The Prankfather' Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social The Prankfather
The Sims Social The Prankfather

Playfish has decided to go all "Boardwalk Empire" on The Sims Social this week. It's Gangster Week in the developer's hit Facebook game, and with it comes another big time quest for players to complete. Titled "The Prankfather," this eight-part quest will surely keep players occupied well into the weekend--it's the biggest weekly quest we've seen in a long time.

Luckily for you, we have a handy guide to take you through every step of the way. For "The Prankfather," you'll need at least 10 neighbors, eight Relaxations and 2,000 Social Points. For completing this daunting series of tasks, you'll score a Sly Lula Pal doll for your Sim's home. With that, let's get on with the guide, shall we?

The Prankfather Part 1

  • Research Prankfather on Bookcase

  • Ask 5 Sims about Prankfather

If you don't have a Bookcase at home, visit Bella and use hers to research. Then, simply visit five friends, click on their Sims and choose the relevant option.

The Prankfather Part 2

  • Gather 10 Grains

  • Gather 8 Water

  • Steal 6 Spoonfuls of Sugar

To gather Grains, you must click on plants or weeds in your Sim's yard and choose the "Gather Grains" option. The same must be done for Water, but only on from Wells. Bella has a Well in her yard, so visit her house, click her Well and choose "Gather Water." Finally, visit six friends, click on their Sim's fridges and choose the "Steal Sugar" option.

The Prankfather Part 3

  • Craft SimShine on Chemistry Lab

  • Test SimShine on 7 Sims

  • Have 8 Relaxation

Since you probably won't have a Chemistry Lab, visit Bella's house, click on her Chemistry Lab and choose the relevant option 10 times. Some attempts may be unsuccessful, so keep on clicking. To test SimShine on Sims, simply visit seven friends, click on their Sims and choose the "Test SimShine" option. Relaxation comes from fulfilling your Sim's fun needs, like using Skill items or watching TV. You can also ask friends directly.

The Sims Social Gangster Week
The Sims Social Gangster Week

The Prankfather Part 4

  • Harvest 4 Watermelon

  • Gather 10 Vanilla

  • Steal 8 Eggs

Harvesting four Watermelon in your Sim's garden costs 76 Simoleons total and takes at least 12 hours. To gather Vanilla, simply click on plants and weeds in your Sim's yard and choose the "Gather Vanilla" option. To steal Eggs, visit eight Sim's houses, click on their fridges and choose the "Steal Eggs" option. Do the two latter requirements after planting the Watermelon.

The Prankfather Part 5

  • Have the Crime Board

  • Investigate 6 Dirty Items

  • Analyze Evidence at Chemistry Lab

The Crime Board, formally called the "WiseFellas Organize Crime Board," is found in the Specials section of the Shop and costs 900 Social Points. To Investigate Dirty Items, you must find six friends with dirty items, click on them and choose the "Investigate" option. This will probably require many more friends than six to finish in a reasonable time. Then, head back to Bella's house and use her Chemistry Lab to finish this quest.

The Sims Social Money Printer
The Sims Social Pie Attack Hat
The Sims Social Casino Table

The Prankfather Part 6

  • Ask Bella to Work on Crime Board

  • Investigate 9 Sims

  • Accuse Sims of being The Prankfather

For this first task, simply visit Bella's house, click on her and then the relevant option. To investigate nine Sims, simply visit them, click on them and choose the "Investigate" option. This next task is identical, with the relevant option being "Accuse" rather than "Investigate", though the number of Sims required is currently unknown. You might be able to perform both of the latter requirements at the same time while visiting friends.

The Prankfather Part 7

  • Have Pie Attack Hat

  • Perform Hit on Bella 3 Times

  • Clean Yourself Up

The Pie Attack Hat can be found in the Clothes Shop under "Specials" for 1,100 Social Points. While wearing the hat, visit Bella's house, click on her and choose the "Hit!" option three times. Finally, wash your hands at any sink.

The Prankfather Part 8

  • Clean 8 Friends Dirty Items

  • Recruit 7 Friends to New Outfit

  • Perform Hit on 10 Sims

To clean friends dirty items, simply visit them, click on the dirty items and choose the "Clean" option. However, we doubt that the first eight friends you visit will have dirty items. The second option simply requires players to post a News Feed on their walls, but whether seven friends click on it is the challenge. Finally, visit 10 Sims while wearing the Pie Attack Hat and choose "Hit!" after clicking on them. Do this and the first requirement while waiting for friends to click on the request.

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