MapleStory Adventures gets stabby with Thief, Bowman classes [Video]

MapleStory Adventures Thief Bowman update
MapleStory Adventures Thief Bowman update

Sure, blasting adorable baddies with magic spells and bashing their heads in with bludgeons is cool. But you know what's even cooler? Stabbing and shooting them, that's what. Nexon has released a major update to its flagship Facebook game, MapleStory Adventures, that introduces two new classes: the Thief and the Bowman.

And if you can't imagine how each class would play based on name alone, Nexon put together a nifty little video to explain. Well, that and show off what each class can do. Below, MapleStory Adventures producer Jacob Zabie goes into detail about how the Thief closes in for brutal melee attacks, while the Bowman lights beasts up from afar.

Players can now play with multiple characters per Facebook account, with the first two slots available for free. Thanks to this, players can trade items between their characters and store items in their homes. MapleStory Adventures is now home to just 470,000 monthly players, so hopefully this beefy update will bring some lost players back. That's especially since the game looks more like its downloadable predecessor with every update, and less like your average Facebook game.

Are you psyched for Thieves and Bowmen in MapleStory Adventures? What do you think the game needs to regain its lost players? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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