FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Items: Sea Shell Tree, Sand Dollar Tree and more

Tonight's FarmVille update brings more items to the limited edition Hawaiian Paradise theme, with some of these being rather whimsical takes on the theme, rather than anything too realistic. Since the game will once again allow you to earn Coconuts even when not on your Hawaiian Paradise farm, you'll have even more incentive to purchase these items, regardless of where you place them (as you'll continue to make progress in Hawaii proper). Here's a complete look at these newest items.


Sea Shell Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Sea Shell Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Sand Dollar Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Sand Dollar Tree - 12 Farm Cash

As you might expect, the giant versions of these trees can be earned by growing Mystery Seedlings, so feel free to skip out on purchasing them.


Coral Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Shark Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Coral Ram - 16 Farm Cash
Snorkeling Pony - 24 Farm Cash
White Park Cow - 3 million coins
Giant Shark Cow - 22 Farm Cash

The Coral Ram is a ram with a Coral pattern, while the Coral Horse is a horse that has been designed to resemble an actual piece of underwater coral. The Shark Cows, meanwhile, are simply cows with shark fins strapped to their backs; they aren't true combinations of the two animals (that would be horrifying).


Coral Home - 15 Farm Cash


Coral Carriage - 300,000 coins
Coral Fountain - 10 Farm Cash

Avatar Clothing

Coconut Top - 3 Farm Cash
Seashell Top - 3 Farm Cash
Mermaid - 5 Farm Cash

These items will only be available in the game's store for the next two weeks, so make sure to take a look at them before they expire; you just might find something you never knew you needed!

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What do you think of these FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise items? Are you disappointed by the lack of decorations in tonight's update, or do you normally spend all of your cash on animals or trees anyway? Sound off in the comments.