CityVille Cod Cove Island: Everything you need to know

A second island has launched in CityVille, so get ready to expand your city out into the water yet again to be able to hold it! Cod Cove Island is massive island, taking up the space of almost the entirety of a single expansion, that can be placed for free from a Fish for Compliments goal that has now launched in the game (if you want another, you can purchase it for 390,000 coins). Again, you will not get a free land expansion in this goal - you must expand into the water yourself.

You'll need to collect 50 different building materials to complete this island:

  • 10 Glass Buoy

  • 10 Fishing Nets

  • 10 Fishing Hats

  • 10 Bouy

  • 10 Crab Boxes

You can earn these items by asking your friends to send them to you, or by posting general requests on your wall for all friends to help. Once you've finished Cod Cove Island, you'll find that it comes stocked with plenty of goodies, the first of which is the Fish Factory. This Fish Factory works as a storage item, allowing the storage of 4,000 Premium Goods. Again, that's "Premium Goods" storage, and not general Goods storage, so keep that in mind.

You'll also receive a home with 280 citizens in population and the Cod Cove Fishing Restaurant, which is a business that requires 120 Goods to operate, and offers you 773 coins in profit after all of those Goods have been spent. Ultimately, this island doesn't really add as much to the island-hopping gameplay we were promised, but it's a fun themed item that can make your skyline just a bit more unique, if you plan on building it.

[Via CityVille Wiki]

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