Shocker: Angry Birds is the top iPhone and iPad game(s) of all time

Top iPhone and iPad apps of all time
Top iPhone and iPad apps of all time

When the App Store debuted on Apple's iPhone in 2008, games instantly flooded the platform. Still, you'd think that more utility apps--like Facebook, Netflix and Pandora--would sit at the top. Nope. According to Apple, the majority of the top iPhone and iPad apps (both free and paid) of all time are games. In fact, the 25 billionth app downloaded was a game, Disney's Where's My Water Free, which inspired Apple to name-drop the best of the best [iTunes app link].

Unsurprisingly, the top free iPhone app of all time is Angry Birds (and the third ... and the ninth), and was beat out by just Apple's Pages app as the top paid iPhone app. However, It's also the top paid iPad app. Rovio's money machine aside, games account for an incredible 18 of the top paid iPhone apps ever, and nine of the top free apps.

As for the iPad, which coincidentally is expected to get a long-awaited revision today, games dominate there as well. A whopping 13 games made it as all-time top paid iPad apps, although only five games made it on the top free (four of which are Angry Birds). Historically, the words "free games," and "iPad" don't mix too often, so this isn't terribly surprising.

While games dominate the top iOS apps all around, they're far more popular on iPhones than iPads. Of course, there are also way more iPhones in consumers' hands than iPads, but we wouldn't be surprised to see that ratio level out in the coming years. Games will only get bigger on iOS devices, so how's about a better Game Center already, Apple?

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