Self Magazine gets its Workout in the Park on ... in a Facebook game

Self MagazineMaybe we're getting ahead of ourselves, but doesn't this defeat the purpose of, you know, getting people to work out? Condé Nast, the publisher behind Self Magazine, will put out its very own Facebook game. Titled Self Workout in the Park, the game looks to promote the magazine's annual fitness event in city parks around the nation that takes place starting May 5 in San Francisco.

Developed in conjunction by Self and New York-based Smerc, Self Workout in the Park takes the tried and true simulator approach to branded social games. When the game launches on March 19, players will get to create and curate their very own workout park, customize their avatars and partake in fitness challenges that will reflect in their avatar's image. Self Workout in the Park also packs a metric ton of sponsor support, with everything from in-game ads to branded virtual goods.

"SELF Workout in the Park will have a profound effect on our brand footprint as the number of female gamers has grown exponentially, now representing 55 percent of the 98 million social gamers in the U.S," Self VP and publisher Laura McEwen said in a release. "SELF is at the right place at the right time-the game is fun, funny, engaging and captures women's passionate interests in fitness, health and wellness."
Self Workout in the Park
In case you were unclear on just who will be targeted with Self's first Facebook game, now you know. A game platform that sees players sitting on their rumps seems like an odd choice for a fitness-themed game. But Self already has an answer to that: A mobile companion app will launch on April 7 that will track players real-life fitness and reflect those changes in their in-game avatars. Does that mean we actually have to, like, get up? Self Workout in the Park lands on Facebook March 19.

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