Mafia Farm: Get your crops and guns in the same place

The cooking and farming genres go hand-in-hand both on Facebook and on iOS, but can farming and the mafia go together just as well? 6waves Lolapps seems to think so, as it has released Mafia Farm on iPhone. As the name might suggest, Mafia Farm is really two games in one, giving you a chance to farm various crops and earn coins from farm buildings on one hand while the other offers Mafia Wars-style battles and gang recruitment.

On the farming side of the game, you'll be able to grow basic crops like wheat and corn, with more crops being available as you level up. Different crops take different amounts of time to grow, and reward you with more coins or experience accordingly. You'll complete quests here for extra prizes, as you're asked to plant specific crops in large quantities, as one example. This all works fairly basically, with being able to expand your farmland to increase your productivity and eventually even being able to unlock additional farms, or Bases (as they're called in-game).

While you're waiting for your crops to grow, you can take part in the Mafia side of the game, using some of your profits to recruit new mob members, and then outfit them with weapons, vehicles and more. There are quests available in this side of the game as well, asking you to fight other real world players in a feature called Raids. This is a simple one-on-one battle between your mafia and theirs, allowing you to either spy on their farms first (to get an idea of how advanced they are) or simply head into battle. You'll see an overview of the battle on a new text screen, along with the rewards you've received (if you won), or the damage you've taken if you lost.


Since there are two sides of Mafia Farm, that also gives you two sets of stats to keep up with. You'll spend energy while farming, but will lose health and stamina while playing with your mob. You can increase your progress by spending real money on Diamonds, the game's premium currency, or you can connect to your Facebook account to unlock some social features (like looking at how you stack up against other players on the in-game leaderboards).

Mafia Farm is available to play for free on iPhone, but is unfortunately unavailable natively on iPad as of this writing.

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Will you try Mafia Farm on iOS? What do you think of this unique combination of the farming and mafia genres on iPhone? Sound off in the comments.

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