Flight Control soon soars into space with sequel for iPhone, iPad [Video]

Flight Control Rocket
Flight Control Rocket

There are few iPhone and iPad games with more relaxing tunes yet stressful (if addictive) play than Flight Control. That's all about to change with EA and Firemint's upcoming sequel to the hit mobile game, Flight Control Rocket. Slated to hit the App Store "soon", this sci-fi take on the iOS staple doesn't just swap jets for spaceships and airports for spaceports, however.

According to the trailer, this new rendition of Flight Control introduces several new elements, like a heart system instead of the one-mistake-and-you're-toast approach of the original. As a result, this game seems to incorporate way more space ships with plenty more flight patterns than ever before, meaning even Flight Control veterans will have to up their game.

The new game also looks like it incorporates a combo meter, coin collecting (for what we assume are power-ups) and likely much more. Since Flight Control proper has a free version, EA would be remiss not do the same for Flight Control Rocket, so don't worry. Until "soon" happens all we have is the trailer below:

[Via Kotaku]

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